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Add Gervais to the New Atheist Club

Do you know what the “new” atheist movement is missing? A brilliant comedian. Enter Ricky Gervais, creator of such television hits as The Office (UK) and Extras. He’s made his blasphemous views known for quite some time (see here and here and here), but over the last month or two he seems a little more vocal via Twitter, where he has some 4.8 million followers. Recent gems include:

I would love to see Gervais get even more vocal and participatory, perhaps in a formal debate with a theologian. That sounds loony, but he’s intelligent and could hold his own – it might also be a breath of fresh air to see someone stop pretending that all views are equally valid, and to mock the superstition, contradictions, and unsubstantiated claims various faiths cling to. Momentum continues but the loss of Hitchens as one of the most powerful voices has left quite a void – I’m not suggesting Ricky could fill it, but I know he could make it much funnier.